How Do I Make $1000 Dollars With Propellerads?

How Do I Make $1000 Dollars With Propellerads? I will teach you a trick but To earn a reasonable amount with propeller ads you will need good and quality traffic especially if you want to earn $1k.

I’ve been using propeller ads for a while now and I can tell you that they are one of the best cpm based ad networks around.
Let me give you one hint, if you really want to make a thousand dollar with propellerads, here is one thing you should do: Use their direct ads links, I have a special trick  with this ad unit that earned me over $500 in one month without even putting the link on my website.

the best online business

If you can combine this trick with your blog that gets around a million views then you will definitely make more than the $1k you currently desire.
Before I give you my own special trick, let me first tell show you their official trick for you to earn more money.
  • Put the direct ad on an intermediate page with a “Skip to content” button between your main page and the page with content.
  • If your site contains any downloadable content (software, mobile apps, photos, etc.), put the direct link on a “call-to-action” button (graphic or text-based) above or below the content.
  • For video sites, it is a good idea to place a fake player, with a static or animated image, that is linked to direct ads, above your real player.
You should know from the above earning tips they gave on their blog that the Sites that are making good money with propeller ads are mostly entertainment and download blogs.

Propeller ads trick to multiply your earnings

  1. The trick I use is to look for a big facebook group with over a 100k to a million members and message the admin of such groups.
  2. Ask them if they can help you post an announcement in their group and pay them something between 5K to 10K Naira which is currently less than $30.
  3. If they agree, Just look for a picture you know will be appealing to the Users (I use sexually appealing pictures because that is the only type post that will get quick attention) and post the link along with the picture.
  4. Make sure you add a short text that will raise their curiosity to click the link because this is the only time you are going to make good money.
  5. I got over 10K clicks in the afternoon alone and by the end of that month I had more than $500.
  6. mind you, I spent a total of $103 on the admins of those groups before they added my posts to their groups announcement.
  7. At the end of that month, I got an ROI of over $400 and you know the funniest thing? one of the admins of those groups was active for a while So I still utilized the opportunity to edit the post with another picture and a new text and made about $90 dollars during the period.
  8. Please  click here to join propellerads with my affiliate link (as a reward for this trick) in order to qualify for their monthly promo.

I must say, to make money online, you just have to be smart and look for loop holes, utilize it wisely to make any amount you wish while you can, I could make even $10K with propeller ads if I wanted and continued using the trick but I only did it as a test and reserved it till I become broke and need fast money.

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