Join Whaff Rewards Now And Starts Erning Real Cash Rewards


[STEP 1]: Find WHAFF Rewards via Google Playstore:

[STEP 2]: Download WHAFF REWARDS and Run the APP!
**Make sure you activate 'Apps with Usage Access' first before running WHAFF from SETTINGS of your ANDROID DEVICE.
[STEP 3]: GO THROUGH the TUTORIAL and learn how to use WHAFF!
Just doing the tutorial will give you bonus rewards.

[STEP 4]: At the end of the tutorial, PLEASE ENTER THE INVITE CODE: [AX41447
so that both you and I get $0.30.
(all codes are the same price. Anyone lying about their code being more than $0.30 get banned)

Every user gets his/her own designated INVITE CODE. You can use your own invite code to invite real friends and family, or those who will actually use WHAFF Rewards.

**Make sure you explain enough about the application so that only active users who will truly use WHAFF sign up. You won’t get rewards for inviting inactive users!

[STEP 5]: How to Earn Rewards?
There are 4 steps to earn from [Premium Picks] onWHAFF Rewards:
  • Install Reward: Simply Download an app to get Installation Bonus! (Once)
  • Daily Reward: Keep the apps on your device for extra Rewards! (Limited)
  • Daily Play: Run and Play the apps every day for more Points! (Limited)
  • Daily Complete Reward: Get Extra Bonus for completing your tasks (At the end for some apps)
Warning: Using VPN or any other ways to gain fraudulent access to 
WHAFF will get you banned. Use network of your country only.

[STEP 6]: How to earn more?
Download available apps on [WHAFF PICKS]! These offers are given once and you can only earn rewards if you download apps ‘for the first time.’ Although no continuous rewards are given, it’s a nice way to earn the extra bucks!

**Download these apps under precaution however as malware can be detected from these apps as well. All actions are under your responsibility.

[STEP 7: How to really earn enough to become a top ranker?
INVITE and PROMOTE real, active users!
Just as you used [AX41447] in the beginning when you first signed up, you can bring other invitees in and enjoy $0.30 for every active and successful invite. Your invitee also gets starting bonus of  $0.30 for using your invite code.

However, make sure you don’t spam or exploit invitations. WHAFF has a strict supervision system that detects your SPAMMING, Google Reviews, illegal activities (IMEI CHANGER and CHAMELEPHONE), and misleading promotions (not telling enough about WHAFF)). Make sure you are careful and instructive in your promotions. And leave a clear trail of your promotions with DIRECT LINKS (URL) and SCREENSHOTS.

It’s easy as 1! 2! 3!
1. Login to WHAFF Rewards with your Facebook account.
2. Check out cool apps and download your choices
3. Download, Keep, Play, and Run them to gain extra rewards and request payout when you have minimum amount built up! You can redeem your rewards with real cash or cool gift cards online!

For any questions or comments or inquiries about your BAN, contactthe WHAFF STAFF 

The PLACE to get real GOLD, real CASH, real REWARDS

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